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Shipping Tips

We are often asked for tips to make the shipping process simpler. It is possible to ensure a successful, on-time delivery every time for any of your logistics needs from LTL to hot shot and everything in between. Here is the advice we give to our customers.

  • Choose the right service for the right job: Determine whether LTL, truckload, or maybe partial truckload is best for you. Choose LTL if you have a small shipment that weighs more than 100 lbs and can, or will, ship on a pallet. Freight like that does not ship small parcel, priority mail, or Fed-Ex ground well. On the other side, follow the 6-12 rule for the maximum LTL more than 6 pallets and 12,000. If it is more or if you are close, truckload or partial truckload may make more sense.

  • Pack and Protect Your Freight: Nothing is worse than when freight arrives damaged. It is worse when your customer receives it, signs for it, and then discovers upon unpacking that it is damaged. Having signed, the carrier is free and clear and released from all liability. Pack every box with appropriate padding and wrap it securely to the pallet to limit the risk of damage.

  • Confirm and Clearly Print the Address: Make sure the address is correct and written clearly. And make sure tape or other packing materials does not cover the address label. Freight carriers do not and will not research addresses. If they are unable to identify the desitnation, they will return it and charge a fee for the trouble.

  • Pay close attention to Ship Days: When a carrier quotes a 3-day transit time, the quote does not include the day of pickup. The majority of LTL carriers do not travel or haul freight on weekends or holidays, so that needs to be considered in planning too. Holiday weekends, holiday schedules, and peak season can also delay freight delivery.

  • Keep Tracking Numbers Ready and Handy: Every customer wants to know where his or her freight is during transit. Knowing the status and location of your pallet, parcel, or ocean container at all times guarantees transparent communication between you, your customer, and your logistics broker. Whether you work with a common carrier or a third party logistics broker, make sure you always have full access to your freight through seamless access to transportation management software and a dedicated and committed customer service team.